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14 Feb 2020
Want to boost website traffic? Here are some top SEO tips to keep in mind!

What is digital marketing?

To put in simpler words, Digital marketing is a marketing of products and services using digital platforms which include mobile devices, computers and other electronic media. With the advent of social media, digital marketing has taken an entirely different shape altogether. Want to sell your products? Endorse your services? Need quick propagation of your services? Reliable yet consumer friendly source of communication? Need it to be cost effective yet user friendly? Then Digital Marketing Service is the only solution you require.

Not only for products, digital marketing also helps coaches and trainers immensely. Lets have a look on how digital marketing impacts trainers and coaches for their services.

SEOs and PPCs

Search Engine Optimization service helps the website appear quickly whenever the reader searches for a certain thing that is close to the goods/ services which generally work on principle of Pay Per Click (PPC). This helps in lead generation and therefore helping the business grow manifold.

One of the main aims to opt for a digital marketing route to market to promote your goods/ services is the visibility. Digital marketing service helps you in being seen everywhere, where you are supposed to be seen. In simpler terms, when a customer searches for certain goods or services, your website must be visible to them rather than your competitor’s. This doesn't require much, other than using correct keywords and apt SEOs ( Search Engine Optimization). Once you are set with exact SEOs and keywords, getting maximum views and then ultimately higher chances of promotion.

Want to boost website traffic? Here are some top SEO tips to keep in mind!

  1. Blog regularly

Blogging regularly not only increases your connection with the public in general, but also helps to achieve maximum keywords. A regularly updated site, with latest blogs and articles will definitely garner more attention and views from the readers, thereby increasing the traffic on your website. As they say, curiosity kills the cat, better be on time in blogging, and update your readers with latest on going/ offers/ activities. This will definitely keep the visitors/ readers coming back to your website.

  1. Optimize Readers, and not Search Engines

Well, this is quite a contrast to it’s name. Search Engine Optimization not necessarily means optimization of just search engines, but optimization of reader’s preferences. You have to mark what the reader wants and use the keywords accordingly. You have to understand and take into account the number of words that are repeatedly searched by the readers, and thus include them for better traffic on your site. So, keeping readers in mind will always prove fruitful rather than keeping search engines in mind. Optimization of readers preference takes a preferential seat  than optimization of search engine.

  1. Blogosphere is the key

Blogosphere is an area where you link comments and like other’s blogs most preferably those related to your market. This will have a high probability that they will reciprocate the same by linking , sharing and commenting on your blogs. This way you will have in sights on many topics and also be able to share your two cents on the acquired knowledge that you have.

  1. Long Tail Keywords help

The popular notion about SEOs and Keywords is that you need to use certain popular keywords often, to appear in the searches of the readers. This is not true, as using using long tail keywords that are related to your business will help, rather than just using popular keywords just for the sake of it. The thing is, Google will recognize the keywords used by you over period of time, and your website will rank high in listings.

  1. Quality over quantity

Generally there are specific guidelines that need to be followed, for generation of content for SEOs. But what the writers/ contributors forget is the fact that a long blog post or a lengthy article than necessary will not make a cut unless it is laden with quality content. Readers prefer quality content, even when the content is lengthy. Quality over quantity is the key when it comes to generating organic traffic on your website.

  1. Internal links help some more

This can be done once the back catalog of your website is ready. You can share links that direct the readers to relevant blogs and content.  This will make them stay on the site for longer, making your website get more traffic.

  1. Incoming links

This can be done by encouraging your friends/ relatives to connect to your link/ URL. Its very simple that doing so, this creates a trustworthy image in terms of people thereby making it most frequently visited site of all. Once this is visited mostly by readers, Google recognizes your site, and its very likely that you are among the top rankings on the search engine.


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